How to Choose The Best WordPress Hosting Provider

The Best WordPress Hosting

Do you know the most reliable content management software? We’ll tell you! This is WordPress, which operates due to perfect management executed by the Managed WordPress hosting – service responsible for the technical aspects including speed, updating, security, survival of the website, and its scalability important for cases when an increase in functionality and scope of work happens in the future due to business expansion. In other words the Managed WordPress hosting provides the users with support of high quality. The customers are served by experienced and friendly experts. When do you need Managed WordPress hosting? It will be of help if you are going to run your pharmacy business and develop high-traffic web resource like where everybody can buy Viagra and other ED remedies. At that you do not want to hire a system admin who is expected to cope with those technical aspects.

Advantages And Disadvantages

So still why do you need Managed WordPress Hosting? We’ll show some reasons:

  • Being configured for WordPress it really works quickly without regard to volume of traffic within the website.
  • It guarantees security and protects from any hacker-attacks scanning for malware and preventing any attempt to interfere.
  • It offers a support fulfilled by very skilled and professional staff, which can give a valuable recommendation as to improvement of performance, for example. They are ready to render assistance at any moment and solve the most difficult problems of the customers.
  • It cares of your data and makes daily backups for a customer who can need to restore the history someday.
  • You can forget about updates because they are carried out automatically.
  • And we should mention the tools for development, the set of which depends on host, but even minimum set meets most requirements.

To be precise and true-to-life we should speak about the downsides of WordPress Hosting. Unfortunately there are some.

  • It has a relatively high price if we compare it to shared hosting. But if we compare it to the costs spent for arrangement of system admin working place, his salary and running a large website, the price would be considered as rather low.
  • Another disadvantage or rather restriction is connected with the condition to run only WordPress based sites.
  • And here we can speak also about the lack of control under the management as far as it is carried out by the experts. But why should we regard this point as a drawback. It was mentioned already that here the professionals work.

What To Start With?

Now when you decide to make use of services offered by WordPress Hosting there is the next question arises: What provider should be chosen? Why is it so important?

For example, you sell ED medications online and run your own website like Melbourne Chemist. Plenty of customers visit your site and you want to be sure that your online pharmacy will work without problems providing patients with magic pills of different brands and forms. It is very important to earn the loyalty of the customers and gain their confidence so that they trust in high quality of the medications and enjoy the perfect service. You cannot afford any mistake and interruption in website operation. Otherwise the sale volumes will decrease and it will rather difficult and expensive to return the lost customers. That is why the choice of reliable hosting does matter. It is true that most of existing providers attract customers by fully hosted environments. How to find the best of them?

We’d recommend turning your attention to limitations of Central Processing Unit as far as actually you buy a part of it so you should know the size of this part. Remember it is important how much traffic your website receives. Connection for uploading and exchanging files must be safe that is why you should prefer the provider, which arranges connection with a server using encryption technologies. Choose the addresses started with https. This capability can require payment so find out how much exactly you should pay for this.

One more moment is important under particular conditions. The point is that you can be suggested to share an IP address with other users and that is not a real disadvantage but still it can reduce the speed of the website. Besides, such neighborhood can influence on SEO rankings of your website negatively. The consequences depend on the behavior of the neighbor. In order to exclude the possible problems we recommend demanding a dedicated IP address.

Do not agree with extremely low prices because they can be explained by the desire to save money of the shared WordPress hosting providers. The economy is achieved when they offer the server to a huge amount of web resources. It is not a problem when the quality of service is at the expected level, but do remember that such situation can lead to low capacity and poor safety. Ask the provider if your website will be isolated in a proper way from the so called “server mates”. Insist on details even if the providers prove account isolation. Consider this issue within the meaning of confidentiality. If they refuse to put their cards on the table and tell you how they protect your intellectual property, you’d better turn to other provider. It is expedient that he offers you the web application firewall ModSecurity with option of customization.

The additional benefit is security software in the range. The more you are allowed to run the better! Here you should pay your attention to custom support. There are a lot of items to discuss. But the first thing is its reaction on your request, which can be vital if there is a hacker attack or other threats. That is why WordPress host’s support staff must be available on a 24/7 basis. In view of this you should get the idea of how often the provider makes backups – that is a perfect tool, which allows restoring the files on your site if there is a need in it.  If you already collaborate with a WordPress Hosting provider and feel that the customer service is not perfect, there is the lack of storage place or you face other difficulties, change the provider.

So, we understand that choosing the trustworthy WordPress hosting provider is not as easy as it seems. But with our hints it will be simpler task.